What Is Our Best Crossbody Bag 2021?

What Is Our Best Crossbody Bag 2021?

Choosing a crossbody bag is like choosing your best friend.... You want something reliable, trustworthy, party friendly, holds all your secrets and lets you be you! 

A crossbody bag will be your ride or die! 👯‍♀️

What is a crossbody bag? 

crossbody bag is made with one long strap that crosses over the body with the bag section resting at the front by the waist. Wahoo! arms free; just off the top of my head.... Perfect for mums, people carrying things, holding hands, pushing a trolley, jobs needing two arms.. oh and looking fabulous, of course!

Now why do we have the cutest, best, prettiest, women's crossbody bag🤷‍♀️
Years and year of searching for a great Australian Branded Handbag brand, we finally struck gold and are now able to share with you the best crossbody bag.
With versatility in colour, shape and the ability to take you from day to night the Elms and King brand truly delivers. Besides the versatility our cross body bags are truly chic and stylish, adding a cross body bag to your handbag collection provides an effortless vibe and are ideal for running errands or multitasking because you will be hands-free. 💯

Tan Crossbody Bag | Best Crossbody Bag 2021
Over the years we have seen people drop their huge tote bags and gravitate toward the timeless classic cross body bag. Our crossbody bags give you the option to remove the strap and use the bag as a clutch which is super useful if your using your bag at night time.
Changing up the strap also make for an affordable way to keep your bag current. A statement guitar strap has been an on trend favourite. A bold statement accent strap adds personality and edge for an on trend street style look for a more sophisticated elegant look stick to your classic fine leather strap.  
So if you are looking for a best friend to wear everyday, that gives you versatility, is cute, easy to carry and offers so many colours and shapes to choose from, we have you completely covered in the Elms + King Crossbody Women's Bags.  See below for some of our favs, take a look now.
This is just a quick sample of the colours and styles available, so many more on our online store. 
But the most valuable of our Crossbody bags is NOT for sale and was made a few years ago now by my gorgeous daughter. You can view it here, but sorry no offers will be accepted. 😜
Have an incredible day, do yourself a favour and jump on the crossbody bag, you won't go back!

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